“The City AI Foundation is a global, active organization run and driven by volunteers mostly. With a truly decentralized operational structure, our active ambassadors are bringing City AI’s activities and vision into more than 70 cities in over 50 countries to date and therefore are the backbone of its success. Volunteers are taking care of the development of their local AI ecosystem under City AI’s mission of enabling a diverse and responsible development and application of artificial intelligence (AI), but also shaping the development and activities of City AI forward as a whole. This will result in AI fulfilling the real social needs of humanity and our world reflecting each and everyone’s cultural, educational and environmental backgrounds.

The pace of AI impacting our lives is accelerating almost exponentially. Therefore City AI’s volunteers need professional support to become more effective. Please read the provided information below to ensure you understand each donations use and how it will impact the goal of the City AI Foundation. As of today, City AI has co-organized 250+ awareness events, developed and run various education workshops and formats, been active in bringing AI stakeholders together worldwide, launched global initiatives such as the AI Ecosystem Wiki, and is working on various activity stream increasing the impact of AI practitioners collaborating on general issues faced by the development and application of AI.

It would be great if the City.AI Foundation could get your support too. Thanks”

Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Founding Director City.AI


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Name                                                                                RSIN

Stichting City AI (City.AI Foundation)                            858528630


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Address Rigakade 10, 1013BC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Official website https://city.ai/

Board Members | Functions | Remuneration

  • Christoph Auer-Welsbach | director, treasurer | 0,-
  • Mike Reiner | director, chair and secretary | 0,-
  • Aurore Belfrage | director | 0,-
  • Jon Mark Walls | director | 0,-



Enabling the diverse and responsible development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) ensuring it is fulfilling the real social needs of humanity and our world


Mission Statement

The organization will facilitate awareness building, educational activities, tools distribution, platform collaboration and peer networking required to ensure the benefits of AI are widely and evenly distributed, and ethically applied.


Activity plan

Achievements updated 06/2019

  • City.AI is active in more than 75 cities on 6 continents that facilitate City.AI’s mission through 300+ volunteering ambassadors locally
  • City.AI has engaged with over 28,000 AI practitioners (data scientists, AI engineers, product developers, business/marketing) and growing
  • Over 250 City.AI gatherings have been hosted/facilitated in the past 36 months
  • Over 20,000s of reading minutes and 1,000s of unique visitors check out City.AI’s publication monthly
  • City.AI is engaging with various organizations worldwide which support its activities enabling everyone to apply AI responsibly and for a diverse audience
  • City.AI has started various initiatives such as the AI Ecosystem Wiki, the Data Science Days, an educational framework to run workshops and bootcamps, the AI Ethics stream, and more


Activities updated 06/2019

  • Facilitate the organization of 250+ hub-based gatherings annually to build awareness
  • Facilitate co-hosting of activities with other AI ecosystem players to reach and engage a broad and diverse audience
  • Providing the frameworks to enable ambassadors hosting educational sessions, workshops and bootcamps on the design, development and use of AI
  • Publishing of quarterly community updates based on active City.AI hubs on the status quo of AI related activities
  • Mapping of AI ecosystems based on active City.AI hubs to foster global collaboration, awareness building and educational efforts on AI activities
  • City.AI publishes interview with leading AI experts to provide thought leadership on the developments and applications of AI
  • City.AI launches and runs ‘initiatives’ that bundle efforts around awareness building and education among local ambassadors globally to increase its impact, share lessons learned and provide a platform to collaborate
  • City.AI facilitates activity bundles called ‘Streams’ that enable a focused approach building awareness, education and peer networking based on selected themes in partnership with other organizations. A main one is ‘AI Ethics’ which includes frameworks to enable companies develop their products under ethical standards


Donation Usage

Technology: Servers, bandwidth, maintenance, development. The City AI Foundation is one of the largest AI community platform in the world, and it runs on a fraction of what other top websites spend.

People and Projects: The City AI Foundation is run mostly by volunteers from all around the world. Nevertheless operations need to me managed full-time and require highly skilled and motivated people. The City AI Foundation is therefore running a small team and working with contractors to support a wide variety of projects, making your donation a great investment in a highly-efficient not-for-profit organization. 


Tax deductibility information

The City AI Foundation (in Dutch, “Stichting City AI”) is a non-profit organization established in the Netherlands. Dutch tax authorities have confirmed that, under Dutch law, the City AI Foundation qualifies as a “public welfare institution” (in Dutch, “algemeen nut beogende instelling” or “ANBI”). This classification means that, if you are a Dutch resident (individual, or corporate) any donations made to the City AI Foundation might deductible from your (corporate) income tax subject to the normal tax rules on the donations deduction under Dutch tax legislation; this might also apply to other countries. Importantly, the City AI Foundation does not seek donations from persons or entities located in any jurisdiction that prohibits or restricts fundraising activities by international charities or applies gift taxes on donations made to such international charities. More information at Belastingdienst


Donor Data Information

The City AI Foundation protects the privacy rights of its donors. The City AI Foundation recognizes that its donors care deeply about how their personal information is used and shared, and the City AI Foundation values the privacy and security of our donors. The City AI Foundation will never sell, trade, or rent its donor’s nonpublic personal information. By donating to the City AI Foundation, donors consent to the collection, transfer, processing, storage, disclosure, and use of their information in or to the Netherlands, and other locations that may have different or less stringent data protection laws than the donor’s country.


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