City AI is a unique global collaboration powered by a strong network of CITY.AI Ambassadors. Each ambassadors has a strong affinity with AI and is a local leader in his/her community. We are proud of our network. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Applied AI Community leader.

[luv_team image=”4531″ name=”Adelina Peltea” position=”Singapore AI “][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4122″ name=”Fred Eichelbaum” position=”Berlin AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4535″ name=”Polly Desheva” position=”Sofia AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4097″ position=”Hong Kong AI” name=”Tak Lo”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4562″ name=”Simona Nickmanova” position=”Amsterdam AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4645″ name=”Attila Agod” position=”Budapest AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4533″ name=”Sohan Mashewa” position=”Bangalore AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4646″ name=”Elda Dedja” position=”Hamburg AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4121″ name=”Roelof Pieters” position=”Stockholm AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4647″ name=”Rao Pärnpuu” position=”Tallinn AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4704″ name=”Ferenc Szalai” position=”Budapest AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4648″ name=”Tudor Stanciu” position=”Bucharest AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4537″ name=”Lino Velev” position=”Sofia AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4095″ name=”Csongor Bias” position=”Budapest AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4706″ name=”Erlis Hasa” position=”Tirana AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4707″ name=”Rene Schäfer” position=”Berlin AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4649″ name=”Lucy Rothwell” position=”Summit AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4709″ name=”Michele Dallachiesa” position=”Milan AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4711″ name=”John Abela” position=”Valletta AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4713″ name=”George Stoyanov” position=”Sofia AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4715″ name=”Javier Gonzalez Helly” position=”Paris AI”][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”4853″ name=”Victor Alexiev” position=”Singapore AI”][/luv_team]


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