Will AI promote Gender Equality or make it worse?

In a world where inequality between men and women rules in many sectors of activity, the power of AI could help identify, address and possibly solve those inequalities.  Or might make them worse…

Only 22% of AI professionals globally and only 12% of the leading machine-learning researchers are female, according to recent international reports.

Because algorithms learn from real-world data, AI can potentially adopt and reinforce existing social biases. Developers could unconsciously integrate gender biases into their AI systems and perpetrate them in recruiting tools, search engines, face recognition systems, medical diagnosis and loan approval tools.

AI digital assistants, obedient and obliging machines that pretend to be women are entering our homes, cars and offices and provide a powerful illustration of gender biases coded into mass market products.

Which world do we want to live in? What is really at stake here? How will politics take this new dimension into account when regulating and organising our societies of tomorrow? These and many more questions will be addressed in our 4th Brussels AI event.

Registrations are open now and seats are (very) limited.

November 20, 2019 18:00 – November 20, 2019 21:00
SAS Institute
Hertenbergstraat 6 – 3080 Tervueren

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Speakers / Topics

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere

Artificial intelligence is increasingly influencing the opinions and behavior of people in everyday life through the use of different digital … Read More channels. However, the over-representation of men in the design of these technologies could quietly undo decades of advances in gender equality. Please join this session to understand from examples how gender equality takes a step back in this 4th industrial revolution.

AI Program Director IMEC

Lorelien Hoet

Lorelien will share with us her views on how the development of AI may impact gender issues, and what role society can play in this regard.

EU Government Affair Microsoft

Danielle Knott

Danielle will tell us the place that could take the AI in this company of 4000 people. How will this technology redefine the needed competences and … Read More participate in the balance man vs woman” in this company where men are still largely over-represented.

Global HR Director Carmeuse

Davio Larnout

AI can make the hiring process more efficient and effective, help identify what skills will be most important and provide the right content to your … Read More employees to keep learning. Radix is currently doing a “bias and ethics exercise”e where gender is one of the topics… Discover the first results in preview.

CEO Radix


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