Perception vs Reality of Machine Learning

While there are significant opportunities to achieve business impact with machine learning, there are a number of challenges too. Some people’s expectations of what machine learning can do in practice can far exceed what is possible or even reasonable (a simple exemple would be the progress made around image recognition versus text recognition, which is a lot slower). Supervised, unsupervised machine learning ? Can we bypass or minimize that hunger, or at least more effectively feed it

Join our next meetup so we can discuss some of these chalenges with our co-founder, Mike Reiner and some machine learning experts from fast growing startups and big companies.

Speakers :

Mike Reiner, Venture Partner Ocean & City AI co-founder
Stéphanie B, Lead Data Engineer at ManoMano

January 21, 2019 19:00 – 21:00
Partech Shaker
33, rue du Mail

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