OSLO.AI QUARTERLY – Applying AI for Healthcare

Oslo.AI is a leading tech community with the mission to spearhead the AI ecosystem development in Oslo and beyond. We’re proud to partner up with Startuplab (startuplab.no) to present you with the fourth quarterly event of 2019.

Will AI be the next penicillin, revolutionizing healthcare as we know it? The use of big data and AI systems within the topic of our personal health carries great promise: Better diagnoses, quicker and more effective treatments, better support when we need it the most. We have gathered professionals that spend most of their time working towards better use of data in health, that are eager to present some of their insights into the ongoing health revolution.

Join us for an evening of knowledge sharing and connection building. Be part of a global movement that applies AI to design and build a sustainable future.

Pizza and drinks will be served at the start of the event.


Oslo AI Gatherings are quarterly events for AI professionals and enthusiasts focusing on lessons learned applying AI. Each meetup consists of 2 elements enabling interactive sessions:

Learn: Applied AI talks of industry peers sharing insights and actionable advice based on hands-on experiences applying AI. Check out our applied AI talks below!

Connect: Peer-to-Peer networking session; mingle and exchange about machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision or any topic you fancy to connect with new and leading practitioners in your technology realm. Join us this time to expand your applied AI network!

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1. Linn Brandt, Medical Doctor and PhD candidate @ Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

“Human warmth and cold intelligence”

Linn Brandt is a medical doctor, PhD candidate and works 50% in the Department of Classifications and Terminology in Healthcare, in the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth.

Her PhD focuses on digitization, sharing and implementation of medical guidelines, and their use as decision support in clinical systems. This includes strategies for digital writing, content structuring and the use of common standards and terminologies. Through this work she has been involved in the development of software, integrations between systems and with patient records, the use and development of APIs and formats for data exchange (including FHIR profiles).

She is active in several organizations that promote the use of IT in the health care system, and in particular areas that deal with medical knowledge (such as systematic reviews, guidelines and decision support). For several years, she was the leader, and is now the vice-chair, of the technology working group of the Guideline International Network (G-I-N Tech). In 2017, she received the Najoua Mlika-Cabanne Innovation Award in the same organization. She is the deputy chair of the IT committee of the Norwegian Medical Association and is involved in the implementation of IT systems in her own hospital. In 2015-2017, she worked part-time with the Public Health Institute (FHI) and Health Registries for Research (HRR) to map overlap of variables in the national health registers.

2. Ana Rita Silva, Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

“AI bots in health – can we code our humanity?”

Ana Rita Silva is a Data Protection and Privacy Senior Consultant at Capgemini Norge and works closely with clients in identifying value and business opportunities connected to digitalisation and good data protection practice. She is passionate about how technology can impact our lives for the better, but feels it is equally important to discuss the risks when talking about the opportunities technology creates. Ana Rita has an Master of Laws in Privacy and Information Technology from the University of Oslo and a Cand. Juris from the University of Lisbon.

3.Brede Bjørhovd, Senior Data Scientist @ Sopra Steria

“Automatic heart segmentation for 3D-modeling in HoloLens”

Brede is a senior data scientist at Sopra Steria, while there he has been working on projects related to automated design of oil jackets, consumer insights, national AI strategy and several computer vision projects. He has ha masters from University College London, where his thesis was HIV and Ebola diagnostics using computer vision.

4. Courtney David Nadeau, Senior Researcher @ DNVGL

“AI for Health: practical challenges and lessons learned”

Globally, healthcare systems are in desperate need of an IT revolution, and modern infrastructure and AI-based tools are central pillars of almost every vision of a sustainable future healthcare sector. Despite this importance, developers and start-ups face several systematic challenges that are unique to the health sector. This talk will discuss practical issues from across the product development pipeline and give concrete examples from BigMed, Norway’s precision medicine initiative.



17:00-17:30 Casual mingling with pizza and drinks

17:30-17:40 Welcome & intro by Oslo.AI team

17:40-17:55 Opening Talk by Sondre Malde Pedersen @ StartupLab

17:55-18:20 Talk by Brede Bjørhovd, Senior Data Scientist @ Sopra Steria

18:20-18:45 Talk by Ana Rita Silva, Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

18:45-19:05 Networking session

19:05-19:30 Talk by Linn Brandt, Medical Doctor and PhD candidate @ Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

19:30-19:55 Talk by Courtney David Nadeau, Senior Researcher @ DNVGL

19:55-20:30 Casual mingling until the event venue closes


Oslo.AI is a non-commercial initiative – by the community for the community. We strive to foster and accelerate the development of a vibrant community of practitioners in AI & Machine Learning within the rapidly developing Oslo tech ecosystem.

The events are made possible by volunteers and sponsors. This time, we thank StartupLab for sponsoring the event venue and catering.

November 28, 2019 17:00 – November 28, 2019 20:30
21 Gaustadalléen

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Speakers / Topics

Linn Brandt

Human warmth and cold intelligence

Medical Doctor and PhD candidate Norwegian Directorate of eHealth

Ana Rita Silva

AI bots in health – can we code our humanity?

Senior Consultant Data Protection Capgemini

Brede Bjørhovd

Automatic heart segmentation for 3D-modeling in HoloLens

Senior Data Scientist Sopra Steria

Courtney David Nadeau

AI for Health: practical challenges and lessons learned

Senior Researcher DNVGL