City AI: Global Applied AI Society

It’s our goal to make AI better by proactively tackling the issue of application of AI with the right people in cities across the globe. Local ambassadors are the backbone of CITY.AI and in the lead of growing an advancing this vibrant community. We’re building a high-profile network, providing engaging events & curating top-trending content. Our goal is to multiply the AI talent pool and allow for better application of AI globally.

Applied Artificial Intelligence stands for application of technologies such as ML, NLP, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Cognitive Computing, Augmented Reality, Image & Sound Recognition and much more.


City.AI has the goal to discover trends and knowledge on how to apply AI in products and services & steer collaboration in this field among startups, developers, corporates, investors and researchers. Globally, of course.


We’re building a high-profile peer network & organizing focused events on applied AI all over the world. We are curating content to deliver only the relevant news at your fingertips. We are  connecting talented people with opportunity – both online and in person!


Collaboration is the new innovation! We are here to share local and global news, know-hows and lessons learned in the sphere of applied AI. Our goal is to grow the pool of AI talent and to ‘distribute the future evenly’ by allowing for better and faster application of AI globally.

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City AI is a unique global collaboration powered by a strong network of City Founders. Each founder has a strong affinity with AI and is a local leader in his/her community. We are proud of our network. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Applied AI Community leader.

Adelina Peltea

Singapore AI

Fred Eichelbaum

Berlin AI

Polly Desheva

Sofia AI

Tak Lo

Hong Kong AI

Simona Nickmanova

Amsterdam AI

Attila Agod

Budapest AI

Sohan Mashewa

Bangalore AI

Elda Dedja

Hamburg AI

Roelof Pieters

Stockholm AI

Rao Pärnpuu

Tallinn AI

Lucy Rothwell

Summit AI

Tudor Stanciu

Bucharest AI