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City AI: Greetings Berlin, are neural networks talking in secret? 
Google is experimenting with seeing what happens if it allows three of its AI’s to use their own encryption, raising concerns about our ability to control neural networks. On top of that Obama expressed his fear of AI. Suspicious developments aside, we zoom in on one of the core mechanics, WTF is machine learning? On the business side, current trends indicate that there is an arms race going on for AI Startups. We give you an overview of the best funded.  Last but not least, there might be a blind-spot in AI research and it could pose a treat to us.
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Is there a blind spot in AI research?

Hey Berlin, what’s going on?
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After a fascinating experiment from Google, concerns originating from the White House, valuable insights in machine learning, even more glimpses on the endless possibilities of AI, we thoroughly hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter.
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