Welcome to City AI. City AI aims to become the leading global community in AI developments, curating news with the highest quality aimed at major AI headlines, business and funding. Besides that, City AI is the overhead organisation of a global network of applied AI summits. Check out our participating cities above.

Our summits bring startups, corporates and academics in the AI sphere together to understand the current state of these technologies, its value add for businesses, and what is in store for the near future. Our talks and round tables aim to reveal trends, industry insights and practicable approaches of applying technologies around the analysis of text, audio, image, video, and structured data.

City AI has been co-founded by Christoph Auer-Welsbach and Mike Reiner. Christoph has been building and running startup accelerators and tech ecosystems in the US, UK and NL, and has been building, mentoring and investing in early-stage startups. Right now Christoph is leading Watson Partner Innovation for Europe, evangelizing on machine intelligence and supporting on building and commercializing products based on Watson technology with partners and clients.